Galaxy of Empires: Space Pirates - Episode #1 - Bruce Marcom


'They all laugh as they order drinks from a wench passing by their table. They deal the cards and begin playing. After about an hour, a fight breaks out between two ruffians a few tables a way. A cup comes flying over to their table and hits Python on the head.
"Oh, man, here we go again..."'


Captain Meek and his band of space pirates travel around space purchasing a new space ship, new weapons and a cloaking device with platinum bars. When looking for hauling work they are summoned by Trent, the guild master, they are given the task to organise a meeting with Lady Evella Noctu of the Noctu Merchant Group who happens to be a Rainbow-Coloured Morphic Dragon with very powerful telepathic powers. Their mission to drop her and her daughter Gothica at Zertin, the home world on the Wolfkins.


I won this book in the Goodreads Giveaway and it doesn’t state that it’s a proof copy so I’m assuming that this is the final published version... which is rather disappointing because every page has some form of mistake. There were many grammar mistakes such as:

  • ‘You’ was used instead of ‘your’ or ‘you’re’
  • ‘To’ was used instead of ‘too’ or even ‘two’
  • And finally ‘they’ instead of ‘their’ or ‘there’


The consistency with the spelling of the names of characters:

  • ‘Gothica’, the daughter of Lady Evella, got changed to ‘Gothic’ half way through
  • Captain Meek’s robot, ‘Mcloud’ got changed to ‘MCloud’
  • And the space pirates destination, the ‘Laughing Skull’ was also changed to ‘Laugh Skull’


There were also simple words such as ‘the’ missing from sentences. And then later on there would be the same work repeated twice. Even in the quote used at the beginning of this review there is a mistake, ‘a way’ should be one word.


Another annoyance of mine was the over-use of the word ‘wanker’. There was a period in the book that every page had ‘wanker’ at least once when it isn’t even necessary. For example, ‘Who is going to be wanking with us if we are on a planet-sized Space Dragon.’


There are the reason I am giving it only one star because I would be embarrassed to even let this be published without it being proofread.