Chosen - Kristin Cast, P.C. Cast

'Believe in yourself, Daughter, and get ready for what is to come.'


In the previous book, Zoey was juggling many things and situations.
1. Stevie-Rae, Zoey's best friend and roommate, died, yet came back to life as an undead dead thing.
2. Heath, Erik and Loren, her three boyfriends. 'I think I'm turning into a ho,' yes... Yes you are.
3. Neferet, the High Priestess, being a evil little bitch.
4. Not being able to tell her friends, Damien, The Twins and Jack, about anything.


In Chosen, Zoey helps Stevie-Rae to become her self again by taking her away from the rest of those undead dead things and keeping her in Aphrodite's parent's garage apartment whilst they're away for the winter. But with Stevie Rae having to drink blood almost all the time otherwise she goes CRAZY, Zoey has to sneak in blood from the professors' kitchen where there are pouches of blood that's been donated by humans. Zoey has an idea on how to fix Stevie-Rae by using the five elements.


On the way back to school after seeing Stevie-Rae, Zoey and Aphrodite get a really weird feeling when they drive past the East Wall, getting out of the car to investigate they stumble across a body, nailed to a crucifix, with the head on the floor next to it. Then the realisation hits them that it's one of the professors at the House of Night.


Zoey's three-way relationship is still happening and its starting to get on my nerves a little bit that she keeps playing everyone but hey ho.


I didn't find this one as interesting as the first two, but it definitely picked up towards the end.