Untamed - Kristin Cast, P.C. Cast

My heart was hammering painfully, and I was on the verge of panic that was making me dumb with numbing fear. All I could do was pant with terror as it got closer. Its horrible wings displacing freezing, putrid air, it came out at me. I could see it - I could see the man's eyes within the mutated bird's face... And arms...mother arms of a man with twisted, grotesque hands held up in the shape of ragged, dirty claws.'


This is where it starts to get interesting. At the end of the previous instalment, Neferet declared war on the human race and in Untamed, she announces it at a council meeting which includes all the professors of the House of Night, the Sons of Erebus and the Dark Daughters and Sons prefect council. But she is interrupted by the High Priestess of High Priestesses, Shekinah, who puts a stop to all this nonsense.


I did enjoy that the plot actually got somewhere rather than constantly focusing on Zoey's many boyfriends. Although a new character, Stark, is introduced who was a transfer from the Chicago House of Night and he has the ability to make it impossible to miss a target with his bow and arrow. Even though Zoey only met him two hours or so ago, she starts to get feelings for him when he tells her of his past which, in my eyes, makes her very easy and spineless.


One thing that I found annoying was the fact that in every book, Cast has to always imply that 'their nights are our days' and give the exact same description used previously for Zoey's friends, even though we've been following the story and already know who they are and what they look like.