Tempted - Kristin Cast, P.C. Cast

'Memory crashed over me, drowning me with despair and darkness and reality as my world shattered, and everything went black.'


Tempted was definitely an improvement from Hunted. The Casts didn't write their usually description for all the characters which they pretty much just copy and paste near the beginning of each book. They also wrote chapters from different characters point of views which I rather enjoyed (so then I didn't have to spend all my time reading from Zoey's POV.) It was a breathe of fresh air.


Now dealing with Zoey's boyfriend issues, she has managed to get herself down to a grand total of zero real BF's. She dumps Erik for being possessive. Bye. Heath is now classed as her consort ('bloodmobile') but he still thinks they're a thing. Bye. Stark is her warrior and Kalona only makes out with her through her dreams, I don't think that counts.


During the last book, Zoey was thinking that Kalona possibly isn't all bad and maybe he can be turned around onto the good side and at that point, I was screaming 'WTF is wrong with you?!? He came shooting out of the earth when your best friend got shot by an arrow and bleed everywhere like she rejected the change again. He started controlling everyone at the House of Night and killed Shekinah, the High Priestess of High Priestesses. You know in his previous life that he enslaved tribes and raped their woman and you think there's some good in him?!? You crazy!!' BUT... By the end of Tempted, I've started to feel... sort of sorry for him but it might be very short lived. Let's just see... Cue Burned.