Hidden - Kristin Cast, P.C. Cast

'"You disappoint me. I expected you to call me and beg for aid. You see, my heartless one, I should not be able to predict your actions. That bores me, and I have no desire to waste my powers on predictability and tedium."'


At the beginning, we are thrown straight into the action. Neferet is found in Lenobia's stables where she is sacrificing Shadowfax, which is Dragon Lankford's cat, so then she can control Darkness, but as Darkness flies off to cause chaos, it hits a lit lantern which falls onto the hay bales and catches a light instantly. This is where we go further into Lenobia's history, which I was rather excited about as I quite like her. My prediction was correct in that she did have a human mate many years ago. His name was Martin and he died in 1788 due to jumping into a fire with some bad guy that was trying to attack Lenobia. This is illustrated again as Travis goes into the fire to save the horses.


The part of the story I didn't like was that it felt like the Casts' were recycling their storyline. I'm not going to go any further into it than that because it is too close to the end and it's the climax of the book. Due to me feeling that way, I was struggling to keep interested in the last hundred odd pages, therefore taking a few days to reach the end.


Only two more books and then I can get closure on this bad boy.