Revealed: A House of Night Novel (House of Night Novels) - Kristin Cast, P.C. Cast

'The centre golden limestone statue above the entrance to the church quivered, shifted, and in a fetid burst of freezing air, the white bull materialised. As he emerged from the skin of the church, his hooves sparked, causing the ground to shake. He snorted, staring after where Neferet had disappeared.
"Now that, my heartless one, surprised me..." '


At the end of the last book Neferet was thrown off her Penthouse suite at the Mayo Hotel with Aurox, when she comes into contact with the ground she explodes in a mass of spiders that scuttle away into the shadows. She then materialises later at the job fair, Zoey senses that this swarming mound of spiders is Neferet and casts a circle to get rid of her. Erin comes back to join the circle after turning to the bad side and her reward is rejecting the Change as Neferet's spirit passes through Erin. Neferet is then banished to a cave where she watches her life and memories flash before her eyes... But not in a dying way more like an inspirational way.


As a whole, this book is boring. I went days without touching it, which is never a good sign. The Casts' must have ran out of ideas due to them recycling storylines ... AGAIN!! A theme for this book is not turning your back on your friends which was also the main theme in some of the earlier books; Zoey has a temper tantrum and ends up attacking Shaylin. And again with the whole boyfriend situation, she has Stark, her warrior and Guardian and boyfriend but because Heath's soul is in Aurox, she wants him too and even sucks his blood. Although she does get her act together by the end of the book and decides to stay with Stark, but a large quantity of the book is Zoey moaning about boy trouble ... AGAIN!!


The only hope I have that's towards the House of Night series, is that I've got one more book to go and then THE END!! Closure. Fin.