The Girl on the Train - Paula Hawkins

'I feel uneasy. I walk around the house; I can't settle, I feel as though someone else has been here while I was sleeping. There's nothing out of place, but the house feels different, as though things have been touched, subtly shifted out of place, and as I walk around I feel as though there's someone else here, always just out of my line of sight.'


Rachel Watson is an alcoholic who lost her job, even though she pretends that she still does to her friend and roommate Cathy by catching the same 8:04 train to Euston in the morning and the 17:56 train in the evening everyday. Rachel used to live with her husband, Tom Watson, until her drinking got out of control and he was seeing Anna behind her back. Tom and Anna have a daughter Evie and live in Rachel's old house that she shared with Tom. A few doors down from that house, lives the perfect couple Scott and Megan. Megan disappears and only Rachel can get to the bottom of the mystery, if only she didn't get blind drunk that night to the point where she doesn't remember I thing.


The Girl On The Train is an excellent read. It catches you from the very first page all the way to the last and keeps you guessing. At a few points in the story, I found Rachel rather annoying and intolerable. The only reason she had anything to do with the disappearance was because she was being nosy and at one point it felt like she went round Scott's house to tell him her favourite colour and it felt way too desperate.