Hollow City - Ransom Riggs

'How long could I stand Florida, now that I'd had a taste of this peculiar life? I was not nearly as ordinary as I used to be - or if it was true that I'd never been ordinary, now I knew it. I had changed. And that, at least, gave me some hope: that even under ordinary circumstances, I still might find a way to live an extraordinary life.'


We left Jacob and the rest of the peculiar children when they fled their little island Cairnholm by boat after fighting off an army of monsters. Miss Peregrine, their head mistress can turn into a bird but she has been badly hurt and cannot change back to her human form; only another ymbryne can save her. The children head to the capital, London in hope of finding another ymbryne to bring Miss Peregrine back.


It is still on the same level of excellence as the first novel, it keeps you guessing and intrigued which is amazing. Heads up... Major plot twist that I did not see coming at all.